Grand Arena is a Private Membership Club

By purchasing and using your membership card you agree to these rules.

  1. We are all here to have fun.
  2. Management has the right to refuse access or ask anyone to leave at their discretion.
  3. This is a Drug Free facility. Possession and/or use of illegal substances will not be tolerated.
  4. Ask before moving, opening or using another members games or materials.
  5. No one under 16 is allowed in the club without a parent in the club.
  6. Children under 7 must be supervised by parent.
  7. Grand Arena is not child proof. Parents take sole and complete responsibility for their child’s safety and actions. Members will hold harmless GAME, its officers, employees and agents.
  8. Games, movies and snacks are for use in facility only, please do not remove from the facility.
  9. Rooms and games are first come, first serve. We may reserve a room or game; or even ask a group to change location to best manage the club for the enjoyment of our members.
  10. Please complete your activities by closing time so our staff can go home when expected.
  11. No smoking in facility, there will be a designated area outside that can be used.
  12. Do not leave trash on the tables, floor or chairs. Use trash cans provided.
  13. Clean up after yourself. Help us keep the break area and bathrooms clean.
  14. Conduct yourself in PG13 or better manner in both language and behavior, especially when children are in the vicinity.