Welcome to the Grand Arena


Why settle for plastic chairs in a loud retail store, when you can have so much more...


Our huge library of board games, video games, and movies will keep you entertained for hours on end.


With hundreds of club members there is always someone ready to play a game, watch a movie or just hang out.


All food is included in the admission price - there's no need to interrupt your game to go find dinner!

  • A truly unique experience built by gamers, for gamers!
  • Family friendly membership club
  • Dedicated to providing comfortable surroundings
  • Lots of room - see our Floor Plan and Take a Tour
  • Gathering place for gamers of all types
  • Regularly scheduled board games, miniatures, role-playing, card games, and console gaming
  • No retail business

Game and Movie Library

Complete List of Games and Movies

More than 100 board games are in our library. Play some old favorites or ask our staff to teach you a new one!

We have all of the major consoles ready to play your favorite video games.

New Virtual Reality Headset and Games!

Enjoy your favorite movies or t.v. shows in our theater. We have many titles on DVD, as well as Netflix and cable t.v. for live broadcasts. Watch for our annual Super Bowl and March Madness viewing parties!

Role Playing Games


Castles, Dungeons, Monsters, Space ports and Starships, Fallen civilizations, Undead Hordes, Heroes, Champions... with a pencil and paper, a character concept/sheet and some imagination, you are part of the story as it unfolds. Bring your group or join one of ours. We have private rooms with white board, markers and more. Battle mats and figures are available. Room four even has a project screen to display your battle maps in real time from your computer. So, whether you want to travel the universe, explore new worlds, take on quests for fame, glory and gold, become the super hero (or villain), or some other story, we have the adventure space for you.



Introducing Tampa's First and only Starship Bridge Simulator, the Artemis. Bring your crew for hours of immersive fun and challenge defining the border, keeping the peace, battling on two fronts, or just skirmishing. There are six stations to manage: Helm, Science, Weapons, Engineering, Communications, and of course, the captains chair. Will your crew be choose a scout ship or a missile carrier? A Battleship or a mine sweeper? Of course, no starship this size can be run alone. Bring your friends and leave your enemies scattered across the parsecs.

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